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Strategic Land

Strategic Land is land which either does not feature in an adopted Plan for development or by virtue of its inherent problems or ownership complexity is not readily available for development. Typically, Strategic Land is land where planning consent could reasonably be expected to be achieved within 3 to 20 years.

With strategic land interests spanning from the Midlands, across to Northamptonshire, down to Kent and on to the South West and South Wales, within the outlined area on the map below, the Strategic Land department of Hannick Homes covers an area of around one third of the Great Britain mainland. Currently secured land interests span from sites as small as 1.6 Ha (4 acres) and on up to sites as large as 1,012 Ha (2,500 acres), for developments from 50 residential plots, up to 12,000 residential plots with associated infrastructure, including education and affordable housing.


Hannick Homes are currently looking to expand its Strategic Portfolio by seeking agreements with landowners to promote their land for planning consent. Land can be secured by Option to purchase, Conditional Contract to purchase or Promotion Agreement to sell following consent. Sites can be on green fields, formerly developed (brownfield) land, or part of a larger land assembly with other owners and their developers, through Joint Venture, Consortium or Landowner Agreements, or just difficult to realise due to access, engineering or other problems.

Let Hannick Homes take the worry out of land promotion for you, by both managing and funding the planning process out of their own resources, utilising the skills of leading consultants in their fields, in areas such as planning, environment, engineering and sustainability.

If you are a landowner and you have land which you believe fits within the parameters of the descriptions used above, let Hannick Homes consider including it in our portfolio for promotion through the planning process. Any land offered to us will be examined, in the light of both current and emerging planning policies, at no cost to you. If we believe the land has a reasonable chance of securing a consent for residential and ancillary uses in the future, we will make you an offer for a legal agreement between us and to a timescale to secure consent at the best possible time, whilst providing you not only with a non-returnable fee, but also contributing to your legal costs. We will also contribute towards the costs of any retained agents. So, what have you got to lose?

If you are an agent representing a landowner or you know of land and can make an introduction to the owner, then on securing an agreement on the land, we could pay to you a non-returnable introductory fee, for making the introduction. So, again, what have you got to lose?

All land forwarded to us, will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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